Friday, June 3, 2011

U2 In Edmonton

600 KM and 8 hours on the road just to see my boys U2 play and it's worth every KM and minute of it.  While there are definitely better rock bands these days, Kings of Leon for example, there are none better than these 4 guys when it comes to stadium rock.

Althought these photos were taken with my 8 year old point and shoot camera as the stadium didn't allow DSLR in, I'm glad they turned out well.

The Claw from afar looks simply massive.

View of the stage from my seat at about 45 minutes before the show.

The band took the stage at 9:15pm preceded by Bowie's "Space Oddity" symbolizing the take off of the Claw and the beginning of the show.

Looks like Kevin Beacon replaced Larry Mullin Jr. on drums.

On guitar, it was still the Edge.

Bono belt out "I Will Follow", the first track on their first album, a song still emotionally affective after more than 30 years.

This was when Bono told the now famous story of Gilbert Brule picked him up as a hitchhiker in Vancouver the day before this show.

As the night fell, "City Of Blinding Lights: kicked off the amazing light show.

The band played their seminal hit, "Sunday Bloody Sunday".

The band played "Walk On".

Very touching video of their The Joshua Tree period.

The band left the stage after "You'll Never Walk Alone".

Moment of Surrender was the last encore song, the band dedicated this to the Slave Lake evacuees and asked everyone to bring out their cellphone.

Final farewell from the band.  A wonderful show, I hope the band keeps on touring and I'll definitely go see them again.