Friday, July 30, 2010

Washington, DC - A Journey Into American History

Washington, DC is a small city but the amount of history she can tell is anything but.  If you a are a movie bluff like me, it is one of those cities you see a lot in movies.  I'm sure you will recognize a lot of the locals even if you haven't been there before.
This looked like someone's home but what was there a police car parked outside?

The U.S Supreme Court - Equal Justice Under Law.

A spiral staircase inside the U.S. Supreme Court.

A very interesting way to take a nap.

Really disappointed that after waiting 15 minutes, still no one ran across the pool Forrest Gump style.

The Washington Monument.

"A Date Which Will Live In Infamy..."

911 Memorial outside of  Pentagon.

The Arlington Memorial Cemetery.

Changing Of The Guard At The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldiers.
The Iwo Jima Statue.

New York Minute

Finally got the chance to visit one of the cities on my bucker list, New York.  Everything in The Big Apple was simply awesome.

Nighttime around the 52nd St and 4th Ave, Time Square is at the end of the picture.

Time Square at about 8 pm on a weekday.

Naked Cowboy - apparently he's running to be the next NYC mayor.

Blue Jays vs Yankees at the New Yankee stadium.

A.J. Burnet pitching for the Yankees and not the Blue Jays.

Radio City Music Hall

Night scene taken from the Rock.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Statue Of Liberty

Daytime Manhattan Taken From the Rock.

Coney Island Boardwalk - a place I've seen many times in the movies.